Report on Assistance Distribution to Earthquake Victims

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Following the natural disaster (earthquake) in Nepal on 12 Baishakh 2072 at 11:56 AM, Asian Forum began establishing the contact with the staff member and members of the organization in order to acquire the actual status of the members and their families. After confirming the status to be ‘safe’ from the staff and the members, the organization formed a “Disaster Response and Assistance Distribution Team” in order to prepare for the response of the disaster and distribution of relief materials. After discussions with members in a meeting, a team was formed in central coordination and leadership of the Executive Director of Asian Forum (table below). Upon the formation of the team, it actively began coordination with various national and international individuals and institutions seeking support for the supply of relief materials to the victims. In addition some members and staffs joined the state rescue team, medical team and other relief and rescue groups to provide support at their individual capacity in consultation with Asian Forum.

Disaster response committee
S.No. Coordinators Contact Responsibility
1 Mr. Siddhi Chandra Baral 9801084770 National Coordinator
2 Mr. Sanajaya Kumar Pant 9851147243 Psychosocial Counselor
3 Mr. Ashok Mainali 9860847786 Media Relation
4 Mr. Ek Lal Neupane 9801084760 9851048685 Communication
5 Mr. Akkal Tamang 9849515579 Kathmandu Valley
6 Mr. Lok Lama 9860431651 Kavreplanchowk District
7 MR. Bhupendra Khatri 9851068528 Sindhupalchowk District
8 Mr. Uddhav Pathak 9841681737 Nuwakot District
9 Mr. Kailash Rai 9851014003 Dhading and Rasuwa District
10 Mr. Gyan Prasad Shrestha 9841729423 Gorkha District
11 Mr. Ujjwal Ghimire 9841979606 Dolakha and Ramechhap District

Simultaneously, Nepalese migrant worker in different part of the world especially from Republic of Korea initiated coordination with Asian Forum for the management of the distribution of assistance to the victims.

The disaster response team has been working in coordination with the NRNA Korea, Young Star Foundation and Support Nepal Foundation to reach the victims of the natural disaster in close coordination with the local government agencies where the state couldn’t respond immediately.

After receiving the financial commitment from above stated institutions and various good wishers in national and international level, the founder Chairperson/Executive Director of Asian Forum coordinated the team for the supply and distribution of the relief materials. The team has been actively working in the collection and distribution of the relief materials such as tents, food supplies and other support materials at the field at different districts reaching out the rural population affected by the natural disaster.

As of today, the team has successfully delivered the following relief materials in different part of Nepal in close coordination with government and other stakeholders.

S. No. District/VDC Household Relief Materials Budget Spent
1 Kavre – Mahadevsthan -3 267 Rice 30 kg bag per household 337,550.00
2 Sindhupalchowk – Syule bazaar – 8 60+90 Rice 30 kg bag for 60 householdTransportation for 90 household 108,000.00
3 Nuwakot – Duepipal – 4 & 5 100 Rice 30 kg bag – 50 bags 60,000.00
4 Nuwakot – Sunkhani 7,8 &9 110 Tent 75 Sets 12’X15’ 132,000.00
5 Dhading – Nilakantha-2 Bhulbhule 96+112 Tent 75 Sets 12’X15’Rice 30 kg bag – 38 bags 169,044.00
6 Rasuwa –Laharpauwa -1 108 Rice 30 kg bag per household 148,000.00
7 Gorkha – Takukot 190 Rice 30 kg bag – 150 household 175,000.00
8 Sindhupalchowk – Dhuskun VDC

  • Sunkhani VDC
  • Phulpingkot VDC
Rice 30 kg X 150 bags 185,000.00
9 Banner 5,940.00
10 Advance for material purchase

  • Dhanding Kirantar and Salyantar
  • Sindupalchowk Chokati Langarpu and Saloni and Dandaghar
  • Petko  and Baramchi VDCs
  • Dolakha Boch VDC
TOTAL BUDGET 1,420,534.00


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